2.Ni Hao, are you craving for Chinese food?

2) Giant Panda/ China Cafe/Chinese Dragon

Oily, a strong sense of soy sauce, mixed broccoli with pork pieces covered on brown rice. Sounds familiar?

What was your top to-do-list in college? Lots of students at the University of Minnesota Duluth stated that they often have an ideal fantasy of  ordering-Chinese takeout food when they go into college. But since there are hundreds of items and so many categories in the menu, how would one know what to get? According to my research, there are 17 Chinese restaurants in Duluth. Today, my blog will compare the three most well-known Chinese restaurants based on their popularity by UMD students.

Giant Panda/China Cafe/Chinese Dragon, these three restaurants will be  divided upon 100% liable comments and votes from Chinese students at UMD.

1. Giant Panda


The first restaurant is Giant Panda, located in downtown Duluth. The flavor of the food in the restaurant is  mostly authentic Szechuan spice, an origin from one of the four big provinces in China. The characteristic of this region is spicy and less oily than other cuisines.

The first dish on the left is “pork lungs in chili sauce”. It is not really spicy and unlike the name, texture of lung taste like normal meat.

Dish one the right is called “steamed chicken with chili sauce” which has cooked chicken mixed with some vegetables with chili sauce. The green dish on the bottom is cut cucumber.

This place used to have a buffet style but since it has relocated to the downtown area, it does not have the buffet but instead opted for a “fast-food style”, faster service and good for busy customers. Also, it is well known for nice combo packs.

Contact info: (218) 464-0152

Monday through Saturday until 9 p.m. at 114 W. First St., Duluth.

2) China  Cafe

It is more like a restaurant with a better ambiance: you have specialties which you will not find in Panda Express.
Orange chicken, General T’so chicken and chicken Lo mein with fried rice is the top item in the menu. Overall, cuisines are based on the Shanghai style- lots of fusion, and seafood flavors. However, if you are not sure about trying authentic Chinese cuisine, China Cafe will be good place to start.
“I recognized that restaurants start will ‘China’ is kind of more Americanized”,said Peilin Zhou, Junior, transferred from China.
Price is between $8-$11 mostly but delivery
The Lunch specials doesn’t end until 3:30 pm and the dinner specials comes after that. You also get to choose from the main menu page which has the house specialty and combination specialty. This is the only place that has delivery service among the three restaurants.
Every time you get a meal from China cafe, you can expect free soy sauce bags and fortune cookies.
Check the menu here.
Contact Info: 218-728-0110, 218-728-0100 for take out or delivery.
Place & open time Info
  :  1623 London Road
   Duluth, MN 55811
Mon-Th 11:00am -10:00pm
Fri-Sat 11:00am- 11:00 pm
Sunday 12:00 pm- 10:00 pm

3) Chinese Dragon

Among the three restaurants, Chinese Dragon can be said the cheapest and most Americanized for Chinese students at UMD. Located in the downtown area, the outside is simple looking but the inside of it is decorated with vivid colors and the waitress welcomes you like home.

Jiaqi xu, senior in UMD , business major from China, strongly recommend Egg Foo Young. It is the Chinese version of omelette which may be made with various vegetables such as mushrooms, onions, bean sprouts and some meat of choices from roast pork and chicken to shrimp or beef.

Depending on the meat and ingredients that goes in, the price varies from $6.25-$8.50.

“Egg foo yung is suggested when you had bad thing happened in life”, said Xu.

In Shanghai, Egg foo young is more likely  known as Lotus,the name of a flower, which has a meaning of justice.

Among three restaurants, the amount in the Chinese Dragon is the most and you can easily have two meals with one dish.

When you don’t know what to order except egg foo young, Xu is suggesting the easiest way.

“Easiest way to decide what you get is to ask waitress about menu”, said Xu,” Most cook or waitress are opened to questions of ingredients or the way of it is cooked”.

Location : 108 E Superior St, Duluth, MN 55802

Contact info:
(218) 723-4036

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