New Christmas

Red. What is the thing excites you the most in red color?

If you said ‘Of course Santa duh’ then get out of this post right now.

Today I am going to share my Christmas which I had without fat obese tummy, white and more puffy un-brushed than Gandalf’s beard, never get cold, always smile on face red cloth grandpa looking guy.

Don’t get me wrong, I too once loved Santa Claus and had fantasy in meeting him. When I was 8 I baked cookie and decorated with chocolate to feed this old grandpa Santa who might be tired climbing up and down everyone’s chimney.

But, the Christmas I had in 2013 was special. What so special without Santa?

What does it look like?

Yes. I had my ‘Christmas’ with my best ex-roommate, Satya Putumbaka and her nationality is Indian.

Most of Indians do not celebrate Christmas because of religion but Satya’s family are atheist so do  not put meaning on celebrating Christmas. While I was at Satya’s home for four days with her whole family including fabulous dog, Casey I got to try so many real legit Indian curries. One thing I learned was the different notion of curry. In my country, Korea, we have only one curry powder which was spread from Japan. When we ‘make’ curry we just stir curry power with water and put some veggies such as potatoes, carrots, onions and if we have some extra dollars to afford meat we put beef. Interesting thing is Indians usually do not eat cow for religion and belief reasons. Isn’t that funny that true curry doesn’t have beef and transformed curry has beef?

2013_12_28_11_18_41Anyhow, this is an Indian porridge mixed with special sauce. I couldn’t remember all the names and ingredients but who cares I have photo and I loved it. If you want to see more curry pictures, comment below and I will post more. Mrs. Putumbaka was an awesome cook! Their love will be forever remembered. It is such a blessed that you have friends even who look totally different from you but share same laughs and love.

So my 2013 Christmas did not have any big wrapped presents, christmas tree or big greesy meat, but it was filled with love from family.

I can’t wait what is going to happen next 2014 Christmas.


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