Living with two ages.

23 & 22.

I am in the middle of the path debating between 22 and 23.

In Korea we count as one year old when we are born so in Korea I am 23 and here 22.

You might say ‘what’s to debate about? It’s good that you get younger.” and well I have to say you are 50%right if you didn’t experience. I didn’t put much meaning in it either before but there is significant different feeling between 22 and 23.

1. 2013 I had crazy new years day. Like other normal college kids do I stayed up all night playing all those card games, of course with more than dozen kinds of alcohol. Then we all went up to the Enger tower to watch the sunrise. Sums up it was crazy, crazy and crazy.

2. 2014 came to me 180 degrees different.

Yes. This was the start of my new years day. Well before that me and some Korean students gathered and made DDeokguk, our traditional rice cake soup we eat every New Year’s day.
Image다운로드 (9)This one is DDeokguk. It didn’t taste as good as the one my mom made but pretty decent.

Anyway, fruity high quality red wine and the book was enough to make me feel I am 23.

Being responsible is nothing big.

Getting old and preferring wine than bitter vodka, reading books and planning my future than getting wasted and suffer from hangover whole day one the first day of new year.

Of course I miss the time when I felt vodka as water. I miss the time when 95% Octopus rum just looked like coke. It is never too late to live young as some says. No matter where I am and what I have done in the past it is the universal thing that we getting mature.

Living two ages, it is unavoidable.

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