We may have no country ..

How many Asian types do you know?

Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indians..and ..?

I don’t blame you getting confused distinguishing between Chinese and Koreans. Well, lots of asians can tell who’s nationality is China and Korea only by the appearance but when it comes to European and American we have hard time too.

Today I am going to introduce another Asian group that you may not know much about. They might be around you now and went to same high school as you. Hmong.

Specifically they are Asian American who have appearance of Asian but more influenced by American culture and use English.

To be honest, I did not know their existence until I came to UMD. And had no idea there is a Hmong town in St.Paul. First stereotype I got about them was ‘party people’ after I attended their valentine party.  However, later I found out it was their one of the strongest awesome culture.  In 2013, Far East Movement party hosted by APAA ( Asian Pacific American Association) was held.

2013_11_23_18_26_04This is the banquet picture of  the event. It was high quality decorations with elegant purple. 20131123_184449Amazing food I had. I couldn’t remember their names but they had lots of variety of dishes and some tasted similar with my country food. It’s embarrassing but  I had third round…since it was so good that I couldn’t stop my self gobbling..

Anyhow I also participated not only as a guest but also as a performer. I was part of fashion show and represented Korean traditional clothes. 1385272080852My self with Korean traditional clothes, Hanbok and my two best friends. I was up on a stage before as a host but it was my first time representing my country for other culture’s fashion show event.  They had well organized orders of performances and some had skit showing skit showing stereotypes that each culture can have to each other.

Some just know Hmong as a people without country but I want to speak up for them. Even without having own country, they are one of the fascinate ethnic groups who are trying to preserve and also pursue innovation on American culture.

So now after reading this post you will have an idea of another cool Asian American ethnicity group. You might say ‘Hey I want to be friend with them but how can I when they just flock themselves all the time?’ very good question.

Come to UMD and I will introduce you to them.

Okay that was just joking but I totally understand the difficulty because that’s what I felt when I first came to UMD, America. It is never easy to break the comfort zone. But if you just go to them and start with weather or the class you just had. You will find some common interest.

Congratulation, you just took another step to be a global leader.


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