Booze, Hot chocolate, Booze

First time I met Shawn, he was holding a beer.

You might disagree with me but get the  fruity make-you-fat beer right now from the store. It is from my experiences and if you do not have as many International friends as me and you better follow me.

Okay that was too harsh. And that’s what happens when you drink. You cannot control your mouth. But sometimes it helps too because I tend to speak more fluently when I am drinking. The moment I put my mouth in to the beer bottle, I get 20 more friends!

I know that you may disagree but listen carefully. Let’s go back to 2012 summer. I was a FOB (according to my besties..) that time since I just came to United States on 2012 January. For six months I didn’t have any new friends except my super nice friendly 10 hall mates. During summer I happened to take the class “Intercultural Communication Class”, one of the favorite classes. Not in the class of course but outside of class I became friend with them so fast. Because of  the party we had  with tons of different flavor, nationality booze. I am still keep in touch with them and we still talk about that night since we had so much fun/history that night.

Second, I went to party hosted by homosexual guy and at that time I still had some negative perspective on them. Lots of thought and belief I had are strongly connected with Korean society. Not only since I was raised all my 20 years in there but it is so conservative society that you end up with making your own zone and never come out.  Anyway I became friend with him which I never could have dreamt  in Korea.

Because we played card games with shots and beers!

Third, the first conversation I had with Shawn was about the beer he was holding. And yes as you could see below picture we trade booze as belated birthday gift.. The green bottle he is holding is Korean vodka “Soju” which is around 20% but really really bitter. Usually Korean people drink 1-2 bottles.

IMG_6157Since we are talking about Korean drink culture I will explain it more. We drink Soju usually when we are having meal. We have these informal meat restaurants where could look ghetto but feel cozy. It is called a perfect table when it has rice, grilled pork/beef, 5-7 side dishes with Soju. Almost everyone drinks Soju so when you are making friend in Korea, take the friend to the most ghetto looking meat restaurant and order Soju. We use small shot glass for Soju always! We also have our own manner to have when you are drinking with elders in Korea. But it is complicated and I will tell you in later post.

20140105_212242And yes he gave me this. I had no idea that beer could have orange/raspberry flavor scent until he suggested one. First I thought it was okay but I became liking it more. I am not advertising or anything but it was just another cultural learning.

And even with 50 years old guy you can talk about your favorite beer and share some interest. In my previous culture, I can never imagine but it is possible because it is AMERICA! I love it!  You may feel like a kid when you have hot non whip cream on top hot chocolate but suddenly you feel grownup when you have that bottle in your hand.

Believe it or not it has made my college life smoother and also help me breaking some cultural/language barriers easier than other friends.

It must have a magic in it. Xoxo good night Blue moon.


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