Man of the Year


Who is gonna be ‘the man’ of the year?

This question led me to the Ballroom.

Not only because one of my officers, Victory is participating but also heard there will be some guys wearing spido swimsuit and  it was  interesting enough to draw my attention 😉

Victory posing in front of International Club cube lol! So proud of him!



Anyway, it was very entertaining. Basically male students who applied were on stage either dancing or singing. Victory and his back dancers who appeared to be other club members dance Gangnam style. It was the first ever that colored man won the Man of the year award.  I had to leave almost at the end of the show but for sure this event was very entertaining and fun.

As soon as I entered I was surprised to see how many of white students were sitting. Since I came to UMD I have been to lots of cultural event but did not know this man of the year is this big thing.

To be honest, I still do not know what the purpose was for this event and how the judges decided on a winner but one thing for sure, watching guys who were brave enough to dance on a stage and wear swim suit made me laugh.

Probably some Korean universities can adopt this kind of event to gather students for ice breaker.

Wait, what about woman of a year?





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