Roses are red and my bag full of chocolates

Life is complete with three things; Food,fashion and last but not least love.

Imagine you are a fashion star and work for Man v.Food but haven’t found a love of your life. Would you be truly happy?

There was one time 92-year-old woman on news said the key point of her long life is not having sex entire her life. She never dated a guy in her life and according to her it made her to stay healthy without any stress.

Well I don’t know about this. Personally I can’t live without love and all those little winks going back and forth 😉 Anyhow to celebrate valentine day International Club hosts small valentine event on hallway.


with Lalli, president of APAA


E-board also made Oreo chocolate truffle and sold it at $1.

It was our first time hand making bake so it did not professional pretty but lots of people who were hungry enough to eat it bought a lot.

While making it, our e-board members were able to hangout and chat about our lives.

It is already several months ago but those times that we were together will be forever in our memory.

Our world is becoming one and sharing lots of cultures such as Valentines day, Thanksgiving day,  Christmas. It is pretty universal holidays that lots of countries besides western are celebrating it also.

One thing slightly different from the  way Korean celebrate this event day is that in Korea it is normal for girls to make chocolate and give it to guys on the day. Few years ago when I was in a relationship with this Korean guy, I, never baked before, made whole box of chocolate. So typical but person who is receiving or giving expect it to happen and yes it is how it goes in Korea at least from what I have expected.

Chocolate,which is made of the most bitter fruit, turned into a most sweetest love portion in the world. Love happens from the most  unexpectedly way but with perfect mean, chocolate, wouldn’t it come faster and more enjoyable?



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