K-Woman VS. Food

Delicious cheese onion burger and the chicken wing is grilled at the background.

저번주 목요일 우리는 하우스파티겸 바베큐 파티를 했다. 비가 억수로 오던 날, 영문 모를 누군가가 또는 바람이-아니겠지만 앞마당에 있는 그릴 뚜껑을 가져간 후 돌려주지 않는 바람에 우리는 옆집의 그릴을 잠시 *빌려야* 했다.

왜 갑자기 뜬금없는 바베큐 파티냐는 질문에 나는 글쎄, 좋은 고기와 좋은 사람 들이 그리웠던 거였을까 라는 대답뿐 할 말이 없었다.

각자가 먹고싶은 음식을 조금씩 가져와 그릴에 구웠다. 시작부터 조금 예민한 잠에서 덜 꺤 상태 여서 였을까 도와주지 않고 윗사람 처럼 서서 보기만 하던 몇 사람들이 얄미워 머리 끝까지 투덜거림으로 가득 차 있었다.

소시지가 구워져 가고 햄버거 패티가 지글지글 익어갈때 시원한 맥주가 꿀꺽꿀꺽 넘어갔다.

한국가는 다른 스탠딩 스타일. 한국에서의 바베큐 파티였다면 어땟을까-

너무나 익숙한 초록색 병들이 박스채 있고 피쳐 맥주명이 가득했겠지. 어쩜 한국은 술문화까지도 통일 시켜놧을까.

Last Thursday we had our first BBQ semi-house warming party. Not that I imagined gossip girl scene will be happening in my life exactly, but there was a slight of expectation on American house warming BBQ party. When we have a house warming party in Korea we usually don’t involve alcohol but lots of home made food. But since it was an American style gathering I didn’t have to prepare any food which was so convenient to me. BYOB how good culture it is!
After we finished grilling sausages, burger patties, onions and chicken wings, like we planned we circled around the couch and watched TV. Guess what TV program we watched?
It was Man vs. Food!
One girl threw a question why we are watching TV when eating food. And surprisingly, others gave perfect answer. To encourage ourselves to devour and enjoy food more we watch this man eating huge amount of food in the processed program. It satisfies one of our fundamental need by filling our actual tummy and by watching unreal image through media. Such an interesting point of view but makes sense right?

Korean Kimchi pancake with rice and .. Man vs. Food

Anyhow, the other day I tried again if that actually is true. I prepared a nice meal for myself and watched Man vs. Food again. On the show it was showing big fat juicy burger patty and while I was admiring the fatness of it I realized that my meal is all gone. Conclusion I got was that watching another person eating food does encourage me eating but unconsciously. The next thought popped up in my head was ‘ this might be the easiest and most effective way of gaining weight’. 

Lots of Korean women struggle to lose weights when they are totally normal. Lots of them view them chubbier than their actual appearance. We could found this more frequently from Asian women since most of women I have talked to for 20 years in Korea said so and lots of Chinese and Indian women could be another references.  

World famous models and Korean celebrities prioritize skinny body shape rather than healthy fit glamorous  shape. I personally do not agree with this. Not because I have little bit of ‘extra sexiness’ on my body but because of the belief  having confidence and having healthy mindset should be priority of person. Few years ago when I first got here I was considered as tiny when in Korea I was just ok. Now I look healthy in United States but in Korea I will be considered as chubby or fat. Funny story, last summer I visited Korea for like a month and when I arrived in the airport my mother did not recognized me first and screamed shortly in shock. Lots of Korean students who spend whole summer in Korea tend to lose weight when they come back to school. Reason could be explained by  huge relations with diets in Korea and difference style of food but also because of our society’s social stereotype. Appearance is very important and sometimes regarded as a priority in Korean society. If someone is chubby or ugly, they get unfair treatment from company or co-workers. It is really unfair and nonsense judging someone by appearance but in the society I came from is like that.

It is sad and hopefully sometime in the future people learn the importance is not in outside but in inside.

I will talk more about beauty standard in other time with another post.

Long story short; BBQ with friends taste better than eating by myself. 🙂                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


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