Does raw tofu freaks you out?

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“I get freaked out by raw tofu”

“Raw Tofu? Why?”

“Because it is just like moving everywhere! ugh”

Very interesting conversation I had with my summer roommate. It all started from watching Bizarre foods in the world with Andrew Zimmern. He was eating octopus ice cream and rotten tofu sandwich. He even spit it back since he could not handle the taste. My roommate who have never watched the show before questioned if there is any food that he actually likes or is he only eating the food he does not like. Well, in the show there are some cuisines that he really likes but not every time. At least he is being honest I guess.

For some people raw tofu is another healthy, tasty food while it is one of uncomfortable, weird food to some people. Longer I stay in United States more I feel that it is not just something about culture but personal differences shaped by environment.

Before, I have met people who do not eat specific meat because of their personal belief and religions. However, recently I have found out there are people who feels closer to chicken and pork than beef for no reason.

“I have never tried beef”

What? How is that even possible?

She is born in vegetarian family and has been grown by thinking that steak is something that human should not eat.

As an advocates of providing steak, I did not know how to continue conversation since the person has such a strong opinion on eating meat. It is personal preference and choice on deciding what to eat and what not to eat but cannot force others to follow their lifestyle. Sometimes I found myself receiving all those flyers from vegetarian corporation trying to pursue consuming meat. Most of the time those flyers are filled with disgusting pictures of half cut animals bleeding everywhere. It is very disturbing and makes me lose appetite but very inappropriate way that do not convince me at all.

There are lots of stories to tell about experiencing meeting vegetarian since my very first roommate is from India who does not eat beef for a religious belief. Later she became a vegetarian after watching video clip with brutal treatment on animals. At first I had stereotype on vegetarians that they do not like meat. But it is not true. My Indian roommate also enjoys mock chicken nugget from Pizza Luce and mock chicken wings. I admire those commitments since I cannot never imagine myself not eating meat less than once a week.

My other Indian friend has different story. He loves steak. Couple of weeks ago he even asked me to go Texas Roadhouse for steak. In Intercultural Communication Class and in Interpersonal Communication Class he mentioned that lots of people choose their life style based on religious in India and condemn others who eat beef. However, he does not totally agree with it and does not agree on not eating steak will make society better or show respects on religion.

20140722_154805 My Indian friend Pranav eating steak. Steak & Chicken –


Like I mentioned in other posts, the way person behave is not only shaped by culture but also the environment the person was grown in.

Also I think will is the most important thing that sets beliefs and lifestyle. No matter what culture or family you are born in, if you try to open your mind and overcome lots of challenges by confronting differences, you became open minded with broad perspective.

Conclusion of today; I like raw tofu and steak both 🙂



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