You there! Want to vote?

Vote! ( Click <- to go to UMD student voting article)

As a person who even haven’t gotten a real chance to vote for own country,it was very thrilling to see so many volunteers were pushing peers to vote for their future. In Korea, voting age is 20 and as soon as I turned 20, ironically I had to come United States to study abroad. Since I came here, timing hasn’t worked with the elections.

However, while interviewing more than 10 random students on a hallway, I was surprised how many are also not interested in changing their world in to a better place.

Watching all the movie parody youtube video clips and playing games are not time consuming but researching election date and candidates’ information is wasting time, which is such a sad reality in current society shaped by next generation that will lead the world. This one guy who stopped by was not interest in voting but wanted to check out pretty girl tabling.

 So much extreme could be already seen and I do not want to expect the huge gap our world will have soon.



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